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Dofleini Software submits application to become a private SME

Last Monday, September 20, the regulatory package that legalizes, for the first time in Cuba, the creation of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) came into force. Dofleini Software immediately submitted the application file to become a private MSME, under Decree Law 46/2021 of the Council of State. The new legislation, which grants legal personality […]

Dofleini Software among the first 35 MSMEs approved in Cuba

On Wednesday, September 29, the first 35 MSMEs were approved as part of the policy for the improvement of economic actors in Cuba, including Dofleini Software. By publishing the list of approved entities (32 private and three state-owned), the Ministry of Economy and Planning (MEP) informed that these entities may proceed with their incorporation as […]


Casa Editora Abril, the private micro-enterprise Dofleini Software and Cuba’s telecommunications company ETECSA join forces. The result is a virtual store. The idea has been sailing for a year; step by step the inadequacies were adjusted; the strengths were perfected and the dreams to be fulfilled were outlined.  We were motivated by the growing acceptance […]

Cuba launches its Guide to Cuban Businesses and Services

After several months of intense work, the alliance between ANEC, Dofleini S.R.L. and ETECSA’s Yellow Pages has borne fruit with the launching this week of the Cuban Business Guide, a practical material of great importance for the management of state and private businesses, in the midst of the transformations of the Cuban economy and the […]

8 years of evolution of the private software sector in Cuba (2013-2021)

Several articles have been published nationally and internationally on what some call the “nascent” private IT sector or software development in Cuba. The truth is that, after reading them, I felt that in many cases they lacked accuracy and nuances, and that is usually achieved with more clarity when you have lived the process you […]
Daisy Diana Vargas Vento

"From Dofleini Software we have learned the competitiveness that this market demands."

Daisy Diana Vargas Vento Deputy Director of Desoft's Business Integrator Division.