Cuba launches its Guide to Cuban Businesses and Services

Cuba launches its Guide to Cuban Businesses and Services

After several months of intense work, the alliance between ANEC, Dofleini S.R.L. and ETECSA’s Yellow Pages has borne fruit with the launching this week of the Cuban Business Guide, a practical material of great importance for the management of state and private businesses, in the midst of the transformations of the Cuban economy and the improvement of its actors.

Guide to Cuban Businesses and Services

Cuban Business and Services Guide

It has a directory of all forms of economic management in the country, with the possibility of being claimed by their representatives and manage a space to update and enrich their data, provide information to advertise their products and services, generate bids and job offers. This also translates into an explorer of job and business opportunities for users who are not economic actors.

To promote the insertion of all the productive forces of the country, this Friday the Guide launched a contest that will award a prize to the institution, business or company that has the most complete record and profile in the directory: photos, services provided, job offers, bids, among other elements.

The Prize? Free promotion for a whole month in the directory’s advertising space. The jury will be composed of communication experts from the National Association of Economists of Cuba, ETECSA and Dofleini S.R.L. and the deadline will be June 10, 20222.

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