Dofleini Software submits application to become a private SME

Dofleini Software submits application to become a private SME

Last Monday, September 20, the regulatory package that legalizes, for the first time in Cuba, the creation of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) came into force. Dofleini Software immediately submitted the application file to become a private MSME, under Decree Law 46/2021 of the Council of State.

The new legislation, which grants legal personality to these entities, allows the separation between the responsibilities of the company’s actions and the personal assets of the partners.

Under the new regulatory package, published on August 19 in the Official Gazette, Cuban citizens residing in Cuba have the right to incorporate, acquire or participate in a national private enterprise. Mixed MSMEs between companies of the state and non-state sectors may be incorporated.

The partner responsible for making the application was our general director, Carlos Miguel Pérez Reyes. Along with him, the proposed founding partners are Yadian Fernández Pérez, Technology Director; Javier Arza Valdés, Operations Director; and team leaders and senior engineers Reynaldo Barceló Rodríguez, Ernesto Yero Oses and Erick Vega de la Cruz.

The creation process is carried out online in the Economic Actors Platform, designed by the Ministry of Economy and Planning (MEP) and developed by Dofleini, after the tender was awarded to our team.

Dofleini Software submits application to become a private SM

Dofleini Software

It is a project company of Cuban professionals that develops software, offers IT consulting and facilitates other companies on the road to digital transformation.

The portfolio of services includes the development of portals and web and mobile applications, e-commerce (including the development of the DFL ecommerce platform), business solutions, development of minimum viable products (MVP), big data, software testing and maintenance and support services.

We have about 40 highly qualified and multidisciplinary professionals, in addition to a wide network of collaborators, all integrated in the rapid search for advanced technological solutions and tailored to customers, ranging from institutions and organizations to state and private companies.

Our IT products and services are focused on the client to solve present demands and, at the same time, to ensure sustainable, concrete and successful answers in the near future, so that he can concentrate on his mission and reach the full potential of his company.

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