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“Innovation is what distinguishes leaders from followers. Think about your next steps and look ahead to the future"

In a word, what does Dofleini Software mean to our team?

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Dofleini Software

Your allies in the digital route

300+ experts

collaborative network in different areas of technology and research


retention of resources in +10 years

There is no lasting success without social commitment

At Dofleini Software we generate IT solutions for business clients and institutions that seek quality and profitability, but convinced that there is no sustainable entrepreneurship without commitment to society and the collective aspiration of a better country.

Professionals from all over the country

The Dofleini family is made up of young professionals born in Cuba and graduates from Cuban universities. We are the fruit of scientific and technological knowledge cultivated for decades. In return for that opportunity, we offer our know-how to those who need it.

10 years of experience

average working in the sector

50+ professionals

currently hired

Technology worths what the team that develops it innovates

These are our leaders

Experienced young professionals leading an innovative business project with a participatory management model, where everyone contributes and appreciates both technical development and human values.
Carlos Miguel Pérez, CEO and Founder Dofleini Software
Carlos Miguel Pérez President and Founding Partner
Yadián Fernández, CTO and Founder de Dofleini Software
Yadián Fernández Technical Director and Founding Partner
Javier Arza,Chief Operating Officer Dofleini Software
Javier Arza Chief Operating Officer and Founding Partner
Javier Arza,Chief Operating Officer Dofleini Software
Javier Arza Chief Operating Officer and Founding Partner
Erick Vega, Team Leader at Dofleini Software
Erick Vega Division Director and Founding Partner
Reynaldo Barceló, Team Leader
Reynaldo Barceló Division Director and Founding Partner
Ernesto Yero Jefe de equipo
Ernesto Yero Division Director and Founding Partner
Gilberto Arias Jefe de equipo
Gilberto Arias Team Leader
Celia María Soulary Jefe de equipo
Celia María Soulary Team Leader
Yojahnny Chávez, jefe de equipo de Dofleini Software
Yojahnny Chávez Team Leader
Josué Mojena Marin
Josué Mojena Marin Team Leader


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Strategic Partners

We build lasting relationships, because Dofleini's greatest assets are its customers.

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