Enterprise Solutions Development

Enterprise Solutions Development

Enterprise software solutions are not traditional engineering. We have engineers, designers, and computer architects capable of understanding the client's business, sector, and technological context and translating it into a development.


Our multidisciplinary team is prepared to approach your problems from all angles and offer you a service according to your needs.

Following the best practices defined in the industry, we go through the entire life cycle of a product. In our projects, we address all critical points: analysis, graphic and technical design, architecture, implementation, and deployment. Our specialists also guarantee the quality of the process and the product we deliver.

Types of systems we help you build:

  • Process management systems (ERP): Simplify, automate and streamline processes, optimizing your organization’s resources.
  • Systems for customer management (CRM): Allow an accurate control of customers and the relationships that exist between them and your organization.
  • Systems for project management: They make it possible to plan, organize, streamline and control the tasks related to the projects that are executed in any of the areas or departments of your organization.
  • Systems for human resources management: For the work in all processes related to human resources (hiring, schedule management, vacation control, evaluation, training, salary).
  • Systems for inventory control (EAM): For the control of all your organization’s assets. EAMs can facilitate asset condition tracking, safety and inventory management, and compliance with legal and environmental regulations. And much more.
  • Document management systems: Help you efficiently organize and consult all your organization’s documentation, both physical and digital.

Added values to our solutions:

  • Security: We guarantee that only authorized users can access your organization’s data. In turn, they are partitioned according to the defined compartmentalization levels.
  • Scalability: The solutions we deliver are designed and developed foreseeing constant growth and/or change in your organization. Thus, we ensure that product upgrades are a smoother process.
  • Ability to integrate with other systems or platforms in your company: No need to get rid of tools you are comfortable with. We achieve the necessary data integration.
  • Reports and dashboards: We analyze your data and design together with your team dashboards that allow real-time monitoring and historical analysis of your organization.
  • Ability to operate from mobile devices: We take advantage of the potential of modern web browsers for the construction of progressive web applications, which allow us to exploit the solutions on any device or operating system.


Adhering to the best practices defined in the industry and committed to the customer, we cover the entire life cycle of a product.
Requirements gathering
Project kick-off meeting, validation of requirements identified through mock-ups, review and approval of the requirements specification document.
Interface design and responsive design (desktop and mobile view).
Based on sprints or mini-projects, with internal software quality tests in each of them.
Acceptance tests
Based on sprints or mini-projects, with internal software quality tests in each of them.
Deployment of test infrastructure, preparation and update of development environment, deployment support and production infrastructure.


En el desarrollo de las aplicaciones web: React.js / Vue.js / AngularJS / HTML5 + CSS3 (LESS o SASS)... En el desarrollo de las API y servicios: Node.js + Express.js / Java + Spring Framework / Python + Django / Scala... Capa de comunicación entre los diferentes servicios que componen la aplicación: Redis / Kafka / Akka... Capa de datos: MongoDB / PostgreSQL / MySQL / ElasticSearch.
Spring framework
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