DFL Observatory

DFL Observatory: an ideal tool to manage information

As part of a strategy to update its business model and taking advantage of the “Informática 2022” International Fair, the technology-based MSME Dofleini S.R.L. presented DFL Observatory, a digital tool designed to manage information in a classified and personalized way, based on the user’s specifications. Carlos Miguel Pérez Reyes, president of the MSME Dofleini S.R.L., […]
IT Fair 2022

Our experience of the IT Fair 2022

👌🏻 We take with us new commitments, new challenges. 👩🏻💻 We take with us a lot of knowledge. We take with us the experience of others told by themselves. 🤝 We got the satisfaction of having shared our experiences and services with colleagues. And it was really an honor of having met them. ✌🏻 We feel […]
Fiagrop 2022

Dofleini participates in the XXIII edition of the International Agroindustrial Food Trade Fair, Fiagrop 2022

Today begins the XXIII edition of the International Agroindustrial Food Fair, Fiagrop 2022, an ideal space to present #business and investment opportunities, scientific potentialities and trends in #Cuba linked to the sector, particularly food production. Dofleini Software has taken on the task of making the process of creating online stores easy and with minimal costs. […]

Dofleini’s keys to Cybersecurity

Nowadays, hearing that a company or enterprise has been hacked or breached is something that has become a daily occurrence, mainly for not complying with the principles of information cybersecurity: Confidentiality Integrity Availability To integrate these principles, it is necessary to implement IT security measures, with the aim of avoiding incidents and that your company […]

What is SaaS?

What is Software as a Service? Software as a Service (SaaS) is a model that allows a user to subscribe to and use a software application from the cloud. Currently, the cloud provides services that allow businesses to subscribe to a wide range of SaaS, such as applications for Human Resources, project management, sales management, […]
Technical support

What is a blacklist?

Blacklists (also called blocklists) are a collection of IP addresses that have been identified by Internet Service Providers (ISPs, such as Google or Outlook) as being responsible for sending spam. In other words, IP blacklists are anti-spam tools designed to prevent unwanted mail from being sent. If an IP address is blacklisted by an ISP, […]

Dofleini at Informática Habana 2022

Today, Monday, March 21, begins the XVIII Edition of the Convention and International Computer Fair 2022, which will take place from March 21 to 25, 2022. With the slogan “Together for the digital transformation”, the fair constitutes the ideal space for the various actors of the economic panorama on the Island and in other latitudes, can […]
Daisy Diana Vargas Vento

"From Dofleini Software we have learned the competitiveness that this market demands."

Daisy Diana Vargas Vento Deputy Director of Desoft's Business Integrator Division.