Everything related to the management of data center infrastructure, servers or cloud services are managed in a timely manner by the DevOps area. With our culture of teamwork and integration between software developers and system administrators, we deliver products with greater speed, quality, and reliability. This way we expand your ability to respond to your customers and compete in the market.

Pillars of the area

  • Infrastructure installation

It covers the installation of services and systems on the cloud or physical infrastructure. It includes the deployment of technologies for the assembly of web services, databases, software for the management and processing of information, the clustering of services for both cloud providers and physical servers. We have proven ability to increase the efficiency, scalability, availability, and reliability of your systems.

  • Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of services and servers is an important part of any system or infrastructure.

At Dofleini Software we offer you the possibility of monitoring your infrastructure with a wide range of technologies, adjustable to your needs and available computing capacities.

Receive real-time alert notifications not only on hardware consumption, but also on the status of your services.

  • CI/CD

The implementation of deployment processes and continuous integration of IT systems, as a vital part of the operation of any system, is another of the processes that we cover with our DevOps team.

We ensure the correct and automated deployment of your systems thanks to a variety of tools, with the ability to integrate into your environment and add efficiency, speed, and confidence to each new release of your products.

  • IaC, SaaS, CaaS

Technological advances in concepts such as infrastructure as code, software as a service, and code as a service are also the domain of the DevOps area. Therefore, we have the ability to manage your infrastructure according to the latest market practices. Our years of experience working mainly on AWS and VMware allows us to focus our infrastructure work towards these standards.


DevOps services include a group of processes to ensure the optimal operation of systems, services, and applications.
Diagnosis and planning
Deployment planning, selection of tools and technologies to be used.
Infrastructure installation
Installation, configuration and start-up of the necessary services in the infrastructure.
Application deployment
Configuration of the CI/CD of the applications and their deployment.
Checking of the proper functioning, optimization of the system and delivery of checklists.
Application of procedures for monitoring and checking the operation of systems and applications.


Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, Apache Web Server, Apache Hadoop, ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Grafana, Prometheus, CheckMK, Nagios, ELK, GitLab-CI, Circle-CI, ArgoCD, Cloudformation, Kubernetes