Management system



The Western Center for Assisted Reproduction of the “Ramón González Coro” Hospital in Havana, Cuba, is a unit dedicated to the care of infertile couples, with facilities in Human Reproduction Biology, offering basic and advanced Assisted Reproduction Techniques, in its different modalities and Genetic studies as a complementary part of the Assisted Reproduction program.

The purpose of the center is to provide comprehensive care to the couple with reproductive problems, from diagnosis, treatment, monitoring of pregnancies achieved, and pre and postnatal control. For this purpose, the center offers outpatient services, both for the study and treatment of infertility in the so-called Low Complexity and High Complexity (In Vitro Fertilization by its acronym IVF) in addition to other outpatient procedures.


The results of its processes are currently recorded manually in different models, files, and other documents. The analysis of the data of each patient and the overall results of each process is nowadays very complex, especially to perform behavioral analysis and comparisons of results by months or years.


In order to humanize the work and facilitate analysis and decision-making based on data, we propose the development of a management tool whose first scope is the process of High Complexity Assisted Reproduction (HCR).