Cuban Observatory of Economic Sciences
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Cuban Observatory of Economic Sciences


The Cuban Observatory of Economic Sciences is the personalization and customization for the National Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba (ANEC) of our information search and extraction products. Its objective is to socialize scientific knowledge and innovations in the field of economic sciences, with impact on Cuban government agencies, national economic actors, academic media, scientific institutions, and other interested publics in the country. Through the indexing of contents of recognized scientific magazines in the field.


Need for a platform, with functionalities similar to those of a search engine, where researchers and members of ANEC, as well as users, can quickly access the contents of related journals.


The platform proposal was designed from the visual interface design to the architecture of the solution. A content management system was developed that allows searching on the basis of indexed materials. The system has a customized crawler for magazines that use OpenJournalSystem as CMS, which obtains the metadata from the system and allows faceted searches.

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