Software testing

Software testing

For each system to be tested, our team has the ability to identify the best strategy and draw a plan to develop it. We have professionals specialized in the evaluation of software quality attributes through the application of different types of tests.


Testing services allow planning, managing, and executing tests according to the client’s objectives, the project context, and the organization. They are varied and dynamic, taking as a reference the experience acquired over the years and the needs of the industry. They favor learning and knowledge transfer to the client’s team from a technical and methodological point of view.

All deliverables (studies, projects, proposals, prototypes, and others) are submitted to the client for consideration. In addition, the client receives a final report that includes all the actions performed during the testing project and the results of the process.

The testing services we offer are:

  • System test

The behavior of the entire system/product is tested as defined by the scope of the development project or product. It includes testing based on requirements specifications, business processes, use cases, or other high-level descriptions of the behavior of the system, its resources, and interactions with operational systems.
There is also regression testing to ensure that changes made do not affect other system functionality. Integrity of requirements, test types defined from the beginning, and a clear objective are important for a successful service.

  • Test automation

Testing automation is an interesting alternative for companies seeking to ensure a certain level of quality before each product or version release. It provides peace of mind when adjusting and improving the main functionalities, as it provides information on the impact of the changes made.
The result of the service is a set of scripts that can later be executed and maintained by the company’s team, forming the basis for future automation efforts. The client receives documentation on the automation plan, the test design, and the final project report.
We propose an automation cycle that starts with tool selection. In addition, there are other related activities: data preparation, development and execution of automated tests, analysis of results, and support and follow-up.

  • Dedicated Team

In the software testing industry, it is crucial to ensure product quality and avoid bugs in developments through QA processes. The team of developers is fully dedicated to your project, focused on your goals and needs.
The scope, team structure, and payment terms are specified in the client-service provider contract. By deciding the model, the client can shift the focus to business-critical work, without hiring and training new specialists. The QA provider provides administrative support to the team, monitors the test environment and infrastructure, measures the team’s KPIs, and proposes improvements.

Types of tests
Each of the software tests has a defined objective, a test strategy, and test deliverables. The purpose is to validate the application for each defined test objective.
Functional tests: We verify that the product’s functionalities meet the customer’s explicit and implicit requirements and satisfy the stated needs and objectives.
Usability tests: Through expert evaluation and the use of checklists based on international standards, we seek to ensure the best user experience in the applications we develop.
Performance tests: We monitor and test that applications respond efficiently in different load or stress scenarios.
Compatibility test: We confirm that the application is compatible with various computing environments: devices, operating systems, browsers, or screen resolutions.
Security test: We verify the degree to which a product or system protects information and data so that individuals or other products or systems have the appropriate level of access to data based on their types and levels of authorization.
Visual interface test: We ensure that all design specifications are met in the product. We diagnose at pixel-perfect level.


Our testing process is simple, but with the ability to adjust to the characteristics of each project we develop.
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