Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

As an expert in software development, Dofleini Software can create applications that meet the needs of your business and industry by combining technical competence with ease of use. We help you win in the age of mobile devices, multiplying your ability to reach consumers across different touchpoints and platforms.


Our experience in all industries helps us not only to create mobile products, but to guide the marketing strategy to make them successful.

We develop applications that work on different mobile devices and operating systems.

Did you know that we are experts on all platforms?

We have experience and demonstrable results using Java in the development of native Android apps, and React Native in the development of hybrid apps for phones and tablets.

With Dofleini Software you get:

  • Your mobile application published in Apklis, Google Play, App Store or a similar platform.
  • Checking, supervision, and monitoring (support, if contracted as a service) of the activity of your mobile application.
  • Adjustment and solution of problems that occur during the use or distribution of your mobile application.
  • Control and quick response to suggestions, alerts, and/or errors detected by your customers.

Our experienced mobile development team is ready to start working on the application that will set you apart from the rest.


Discussion of your ideas and expectations. Analysis of the project according to practical and achievable objectives.
Interface design, application identity and main components.
Sprint-based, interactive and adjustable. According to your priorities and needs.
Presentation of the product, video tutorial or manual on content management and solution of errors detected by the client.
Publication in the different existing platforms: Apklis, Google Play, App Store and others.


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