Minimum Viable Products (MVP) Development

Minimum Viable Products (MVP) Development

If you have an idea or a product in mind and you want to validate its viability in the market, you have come to the right place. Our experts help you to quickly transform that idea into a product with enough functionalities to, in a short time and minimizing the cost, show it to your customers, know their reaction and take advantage of the feedback to refine the development of the final version and ensure success.


A minimum viable product is a preliminary version of a new product that the development team can use to gather as much useful information from customers as possible, with as little effort and cost as possible, adjust it to market needs and user expectations, and refine it.

We develop customized products that help us to evaluate the following objectives:

  • Validate a hypothesis about a product, with the lowest possible cost both in development and infrastructure.
  • To get a product to the first customers as soon as possible.
  • To create a base for more elaborated or complex products.

Added values of our solutions:

  • Technical architecture

In general, we adopt microservices-based architectures, an architecture design based on discrete pieces of software that provide concrete functionality through a REST API gateway to power front-end interfaces using React or Vue web frameworks.

The use of services allows the front-end and back-end of an application to easily communicate with each other, and a single back-end instance to power web and mobile applications, as well as facilitating APIs for third-party consumption.

This is particularly important in a world where most online applications must support a high-quality user experience on many different devices, from desktops to smartwatches.

  • Speed, reliability, and scalability

Our goal is to create very fast, scalable, database-driven web and mobile applications.

Dofleini Software has accumulated hundreds of hours of experience, developing with many clients in a variety of industries and businesses.


The life cycle of our products guarantees success in environments where requirements are highly changeable, cohesing the work between the development team and the owner of the original idea. In addition, we use the technologies that best suit the proposed solution, enhancing the cost/benefit ratio in the result.
Requirements gathering
Project kick-off meeting, validation of requirements identified through mock-ups, review and approval of the requirements specification document.
Interface design and responsive design (desktop and mobile view).
Based on sprints or micro-projects, with internal software quality tests in each one of them.
Acceptance tests
Presentation of the product, video tutorial on content management and solution of errors detected by the client.
Deployment of test infrastructure, preparation and update of development environment, support in deployment and production infrastructure.