Big Data – Business Intelligencia

Big Data – Business Intelligencia

We solve the challenges of working with data for our clients and help them to deploy the full potential of their business in the digital realm. Our consulting services encompass big data strategies, real-time data processing services, data platform management, and analytics solutions.


No matter how isolated the sources are. The Dofleini team is trained to understand your business, identify and diagnose your data and design an architecture that, through the application of data flow processing techniques, ETL (extract, transform and load) and other methods, provides platforms on which business intelligence and metasearch (full-text search) applications are built. In this way, we exponentially improve the end-user experience.

We take into account:

  • The characteristics of your business and the dispersion that the data may have.
  • Your objectives, the complements that can help you, the innovations you can apply.
  • The tools that best suit your case, addressing each problem with exactly the height and depth it requires.

We provide:

  • Innovative ideas that not only respond to your requirements as a client, but also identify and exploit the potential of your business.
  • A dynamic work team, capable of adapting to the most demanding customer needs.
  • A consultancy that accompanies you in the growth of your project.
  • Training and/or support for your company’s personnel in the management of the solutions.
  • At Dofleini you not only hire a service, but your work team expands by finding maximum commitment and loyalty in our collaboration.

Work System

For projects that require special data processing, at Dofleini we apply a methodology that is divided into 4 major phases, which complement each other.
Data diagnosis
Sources, volume, structure, relationship and quality of data, storage technologies.
Solution design
Prioritize the areas to be exploited, select the data sources involved, design the data warehouse, proof of concept.
Data extraction, transformation and loading
Batch processing (data loading, transformations and loads) and stream processing (continuous inputs, transformations and loads).
Data export (CSV reports, reports, etc.), search, API, dashboards with visualizations, insights, alerts, alarms, etc.


Java Spring Framework / ELK (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana) / MongoDB / Cassandra / Apache Kafka / Grafana / Redis / Scala / Hadoop / Akka Streams / Apache Flink / Node.js / Next.js / React.js
Spring framework
Apache Cassandra