Technical Support and Maintenance Service

Technical Support and Maintenance Service

Available for all systems developed by the Dofleini Software team, as a guarantee of support to our client once the project is completed and the solution delivered. We ensure the operation and quality of the implemented solution, both in the attention and correction of reported incidents and in proactive maintenance actions.


The maintenance and support agreements with our client cover the following activities, or all of them, according to their needs:

  • Web site maintenance, support, and optimization.
  • Maintenance, support, and optimization of computer applications.
  • Infrastructure maintenance, support, and optimization.

All the work tools and projects we develop are backed up by support and maintenance services.

Periodically, we execute tasks that ensure stability, proper functioning, updates, and compliance with security procedures in the client’s services and servers.

Support actions also include the infrastructure on which the solution is deployed, which allows for a more comprehensive scope of service.

On-site and remote technical support is available at all times. Actions are documented and reports are delivered to the client. They remain as a knowledge base to mitigate possible incidents and improve our processes.