Milk Thermos Management
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Milk Thermos Management


The livestock program developed by the Revolution in the State Sector created a technical-productive infrastructure of modern facilities with mechanized milking, cooling tanks, and a road network that allowed the collection of all the milk in tank cars that preserved the milk with all the organoleptic characteristics until it reached the industry. From the situation presented with the special period, there has been a deterioration of this infrastructure created by the lack of resources for its maintenance and development, passing to the non-state productive form the greater volume of milk-producing animals, bringing, as a result, a dispersion of producers and use of a greater number of routes to collect milk and an increase in the collection schedule, which resulted in a loss of product quality, in addition to producers without experience in the care and handling of the animals and the milking routine. In order to improve this situation, the Integral Centers for Refrigerated Milk Collection and Livestock Services were created in the different Basic Units throughout the country.


The collection of information on milk production is done in a tedious and inefficient manner, the information is not entirely reliable due to the existence of several levels of processing where the human factor is involved, in addition to the fact that there is no possibility of consulting statistics in real-time of the process, the information is not presented in a format that allows decision-makers to take early measures to solve incidents, the production planning of producers is not always consistent with the movement of the herd.


IT solution that allows to collect information more easily, improve times and have accessibility to data from any time and place.

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