5 reasons to bet on DFL eCommerce
DFL ecommerce

5 reasons to bet on DFL eCommerce

Internet access in Cuba has expanded considerably in recent years. The informatization process and the policies surrounding it have generated changes in the development of social dynamics. At the beginning of 2021, the Ministry of Communications reported that more than 7.70 million Cubans were connected, 68% of the population.

The number of users continues to grow and the use of mobile devices and digital means of payment is increasing. The constant advance in digitization and connectivity impacts not only on people’s daily lives, but also on the management of companies, institutions, and state or private enterprises. In this scenario, entering into e-commerce is not only an attractive step, but a necessary one.

Dofleini Software has accumulated experience in the development of projects in this field. For many customers, the question is how to create stores in a simple way and with a minimum cost.

In response to this question, DFL ecommerce was created, an e-commerce platform designed to host thousands of stores and millions of users, one hundred percent Cuban, and developed entirely with free technologies.

Currently, the platform is accessible to large or small businesses and has support for high demands, allowing business scalability. But that is not all.

Here are five reasons to bet on DFL ecommerce.

1- It is an innovative opportunity for growth

DFL ecommerce increases the potential of your business. You gain a new way to promote and distribute products. Access to your customers has no geographical or time limits. It is available 24 hours a day, all year round, for users from “everywhere”.

Thus, you can add value to the quality of your services, ensure technical progress with system stability and usability for your customers. Enter into a competitive environment with a win-win situation.

2- It works under the concept of “platform as a service”.

DFL ecommerce

Offers an integral solution. The client does not have to worry about paying for infrastructure, domain, IT equipment, or long-term support. There is no charge because everything is covered by the service.

With simple clicks and a subscription fee, you can create your own store in minutes. And it will be customized, tailored to your needs, industry, and goals.

While you take care of sales and product management, Dofleini Software guarantees the performance and availability of the platform.

3- It is fully automated

The technologies Dofleini employs make the e-commerce platform easy to maintain and adaptable to different store models (B2B, C2B C2C, etc.). It doesn’t matter if the traffic is multiplied by two or by 12; the service will maintain the same quality and speed.

DFL ecommerce has specialized technical support to solve problems or seek business advice.

DFL Ecommerce
DFL Ecommerce

4- Includes first level functionalities

Dofleini offers an integrated content management system (CMS). In addition, tools that facilitate inventory and customer management, customization of the order process, product reviews, statistics, reports, and shipping modules.

With this platform, you can showcase your products with advanced catalogs, shopping carts, and customized payments.

It is designed and updated based on the latest requirements to take care of your data and protect your customers’ data.

5- Flexible and secure payment accounts

Transactions can be made through Transfermóvil, the most popular payment gateway in Cuba, with more than two million users. This way, you guarantee comfort and security to your clients.

With this system, you can accept payments from anywhere in the country.

At the same time, Dofleini is working to add EnZona, another versatile Cuban payment gateway.

DFL ecommerce is PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) ready. Customer payment information is only handled by trusted payment processors.

Innovative, simple, and reliable. With DFL ecommerce, all you need is a click.

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