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Introduction and installation of Storybook in a ReactJS project (Part 1)

Emergence of Storybook The arrival of components to the web was a breakthrough for web application development, allowing the creation of reusable elements, and with it the emergence of Frameworks and libraries such as ReactJs, VueJs, and AngularJs, with the aim of further promoting this idea. But there were no tools to organize these components […]

How to implement Drag and Drop with React-Beautiful-DnD

In this tutorial we show how to use the React-Beautiful-DnD library, what it is, how it works and what makes it work. To make the article as simple and explicit as possible, we focus on the three main pillars of this cool library: <DragDropContext /> Wraps the part of the application for which you want […]

How to Configure Storybook to use Ant Design? (Part 3)

Requirements In the second part we learned how to mock the requests that our components make to the server, while in the first part, how to create a project with the necessary configuration to work with Storybook, and thus be able to test our components. Today we continue evaluating some other interesting aspects of this […]

Are you an enthusiastic programmer?

We want to start the week with these suggestions. We bring you 5 websites that we recommend you to take a look at. Ideal combinations for the design and creation of websites. Uplabs: offers designers and programmers a platform where they can share their files to develop mobile and web applications. Undraw: Ideal for creating […]

It is a strength for Cubadebate the strategic working alliance with Dofleini, which allows us to combine our communicational leadership with its advanced programming development and IT services, to generate innovative products in the cuban infocommunication context.

Randy Alonso Falcón Director of Cubadebate