What to consider when hiring an IT support company?
Technical support

What to consider when hiring an IT support company?

Some small and medium-sized businesses may be hesitant to hire an IT support company. It is understandable that they are not very clear about what kind of services they need to hire, but it is important to know that help is required to perform computer maintenance tasks.

In addition, it is very likely that, if you have never hired a technical support company for this you need to ask yourself questions such as:

How do I know if the company I will work with is trustworthy?

Does it have to be located in my city or can it be hundreds of kilometers away?

How long will it take to solve a computer problem?

How do I know if they are not charging me more than necessary?

Faced with all these concerns, we professionals know that it is perfectly normal for you to wonder, and, moreover, it is absolutely necessary to distinguish the “bunglers” from the skilled and responsible IT specialists.

The IT and technological solutions that most companies have today facilitate management, save time, improve productivity and are a tool to gain visibility and customers. In fact, many businesses operate exclusively online.

Thanks to this type of advancement, you can run your business from your computer, organize departments, coordinate your employees and grow your organization internationally, among many other advantages.

This type of business support is vital nowadays, but it requires the work of a classified staff to prevent breakdowns or failures in the system, which can lead to numerous losses. Technical support is essential for optimal performance of all computers, devices, networks and servers.

So how do you choose a quality IT support company?

There are many computer service companies to choose from, but not all of them are the same. You must take into account some aspects to choose one that offers you all the guarantees and a service to your needs.

The best option is to hire a technical support plan, since they not only offer maintenance, but also advice and information on the appropriate IT solutions for your business, as well as servers, cloud computing services or data center, among other tools.

Likewise, you should choose a company with a wide and flexible schedule that adapts to your needs. It is even better if they also have a remote incident resolution system, as this will save you waiting times.

Another issue you should confirm is that the company has qualified professionals with the corresponding qualifications and experience. IT is constantly evolving and constant training is essential in this field.

Experience is a degree. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask about their years of work in the sector. You can consult references from other clients who have already worked with this computer technical support.

What you should take into account when hiring a technical support company.

Experience in the market

Experience is one of the best schools in the world. You can be a great IT guy fresh out of college, but if you’ve never encountered the day-to-day problems in an SMB, chances are you can’t get things done in the time and manner necessary to make it worthwhile to hire you as an IT guy.

Let’s not forget that, if your business computers or computing devices are experiencing any problems, whether hardware or software, you can solve them in the shortest possible time so that you can continue using the computing resources that you have paid for and that are essential to keep your business running.

At Dofleini we have 5 years of experience in the technical support sector, we have worked with numerous companies and we know well the IT services that small and large companies need.

Customer Service

Remote IT Support
Remote IT Support

A computer company that will take care of the maintenance of your computers does not necessarily have to be in the same city. In many cases, if your company is in Havana, a computer specialist can come to your business, but this is not the usual way of working with most computer software problems, where by installing a simple program, we can access your computers remotely and perform the necessary tasks.

In addition, today customer service is mainly provided electronically: through our email ([email protected]), our email and social networks.

Professionalism at work

Surely sometimes, when you encounter a computer problem, you turn to a neighbor, friend or cousin to solve it for you, because you have heard that he or she understands something about computers. But it’s not that simple. If he is not a professional, we are not saying that he cannot solve the problem, but he might take too much time to do it, or he might break something during the process if he does not have enough experience.

In an SME or Enterprise, moreover, you cannot spend a week with a broken server because it is a catastrophe for the company. At the very least, you should be able to count on a replacement equipment to be able to continue with the work and not lose profitability.

Price-quality ratio

We have all heard the saying that, in the end, “cheap is expensive”. It is true that there are some computer companies with abusive prices, or maybe not everyone is transparent with the customer, taking advantage of the fact that the customer does not know very well all the aspects that may be at stake. But even that is not the most important problem.

A good IT company will insist that “preventive maintenance” is more important than resolving IT issues every time they occur. The goal is that your business’s IT problems are reduced to virtually zero.

A non-transparent professional may come every time you call, but you will be spending a lot of money on temporary solutions that do not fix the underlying problem. It is much cheaper to pay a small monthly fee when your business IT needs are high. Take a look at our integrated technical support offer.

Equipment and expertise

The IT services offered to you have to be in line with what your company really needs. Some IT specialists, for example, specialize in hardware problems and can help you a lot in that area. Others, on the other hand, even have staff capable of creating a professional online store for you or developing software for your business.

The company you hire must have the necessary equipment and knowledge to be able to help you. And not everyone knows how to do that. Take a look at our IT services section and discover all the tasks we can do to help your SME or Company to be better, more efficient and more competitive.

In summary, before choosing which services to hire from an IT support company you should make a previous selection and compare flexibility, scalability, experience, schedules, services and prices.

Remember that our IT technical support offers you an agile and efficient service with maintenance plans tailored to your business.

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