Dofleini’s keys to Cybersecurity

Dofleini’s keys to Cybersecurity

Nowadays, hearing that a company or enterprise has been hacked or breached is something that has become a daily occurrence, mainly for not complying with the principles of information cybersecurity:

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability

To integrate these principles, it is necessary to implement IT security measures, with the aim of avoiding incidents and that your company can work correctly and securely, meeting the current regulations on data protection.

When we are performing a comprehensive diagnosis of IT infrastructure or as we affectionately call it [Somatón], one of the main aspects that we check are the cybersecurity measures that should be implemented in your infrastructure, some of them today we share with you so that you can improve your cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Measures

1- Stronger data access controls

How to protect a company’s information? One of the main security measures is to limit access to information. The fewer people who have access to information, the lower the risk of compromising it. Therefore, it is necessary to implement in our company a system that prevents to give access to unnecessary data, to a user, client, etc.

We also recommend that access to a service or system is governed by a Domain Controller and that access to that resource is through a security group.

1.2- Backing up data

Having a system of periodic backups allows the company to guarantee the recovery of data in the event of a catastrophic incident, preventing the loss of data and allowing the return to normal working conditions in just a few minutes. It is also important to remember and create a plan to check that these backups are functional and not corrupted.

1.3- Use strong passwords

Access to the different platforms used by the company (e-mail, web page, intranet or NAS backup server, etc.) must be done using secure passwords that prevent them from being easily discovered by hackers. Although always try to implement two-step authentication mechanisms as it greatly increases the security of our accounts. Even if your password is not secure and has been guessed, if you have two-step authentication no one but you will be able to enter your account.

1.4- Protect email

Nowadays, most of our company’s communications are carried out using e-mail. Therefore, another security measure is to use anti-spam filters and message encryption systems to ensure the protection and privacy of all this information. Always remember to monitor that your server complies with SPF, DKIM, DMARC regulations so that it does not fall in black list.

1.5- Hire comprehensive security software or specialists

How to protect information on the Internet? The best way is to hire a comprehensive security package that contains antivirus, antispyware, antimalware, firewall, etc., and that allows you to protect your information against possible external attacks through the Internet. You can also hire specialists in this area to help you secure your infrastructure, such as the Installation and Support service.

1.6- Use DPL software

There are data loss prevention (DLP) programs that can be implemented as a security measure in our company to monitor that no user is copying or sharing information or data that they should not.

1.7- Work in the cloud

Working in the cloud allows, among other advantages, to count on the information security systems of the service provider. In addition, this provider will be responsible for this security.

1.8- Involve the entire company in the security

In order for a company’s IT security measures to work, we must involve in their participation all the different levels involved in the company, including external agents such as customers, suppliers, etc. Many times, our company has implemented the correct security systems, and the breach takes place when we relate to a third party that lacks these security measures.

1.9- Continuous monitoring and immediate response

We must implement in our company a system that allows us to monitor data management and detect possible failures or incorrect actions. This control system will allow us to act quickly to solve any incident and minimize its repercussions.

2- How can Dofleini help me?

To avoid these cybersecurity problems in your infrastructure, at Dofleini we provide an integrated technical support offer service in which our team of experts works every month to optimize your infrastructure to comply with cybersecurity principles.


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