Dofleini Software and the opportunities for dissemination and growth at FELTi 2021

Dofleini Software and the opportunities for dissemination and growth at FELTi 2021

The V Forum of Entrepreneurs and Leaders in Information Technologies (FELTi 2021) was held in Cuba from September 15 to 17. The event, organized by the Information Technology and Communications Business Group and the Chamber of Commerce, was held virtually for the first time.

There was representation from nine countries, a little more than 30 exhibitors, and representatives of different economic actors, all interested in the exchange on the development of science and innovation.

Dofleini Software participated as a Gold Sponsor. Our team approached different experiences and shared the commitment to digital transformation.

Through the Fevexpo platform, the first of its kind in Cuba, we presented a stand with photos, videos, examples of the main products we have developed, and the star novelty: DFL ecommerce.

Carlos Miguel Pérez Reyes, General Director; Yadian Fernández, Director of Technology, and Javier Arza, Director of Operations, gave details of the platform developed by Dofleini, interacted with the participants, and answered questions about this solution.

Several national media reported on our work during FELTi 2021.

The Cuban News Agency (ACN) reported that “after the inauguration of the event, which for the first time takes place virtually due to the conditions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Carlos Miguel Pérez, in charge of the Dofleini Software self-employed group, unveiled DFL ecommerce, a platform as an e-commerce service for the Cuban market”.

The news agency highlighted that “the project, with more than 10 years of experience in the new technologies sector, pays special attention to the quality of its products and services, and focuses on responding to the needs and objectives of clients, both in the state and private sectors”.

Prensa Latina also referred to Dofleini’s actions.

“The leader of the Dofleini Software project, Carlos Miguel Pérez, showed the work of that group of Cuban professionals that offers, among other services, IT consulting and facilitates companies on the road to digital transformation.

Dofleini Software: Professionalism and IT service of excellence

With around 40 specialists, it presented its potentialities in IT products and services focused on solving the demands related to informatization, as well as ensuring concrete and successful answers on the professional solution as an e-commerce service in Cuba

Meanwhile, the magazine Juventud Técnica dedicated a whole article to Dofleini Software’s work.

According to that publication, Dofleini is “a consolidated team of more than 30 highly qualified and multidisciplinary professionals. Of these, 30% are PhDs and masters.

“For the sake of satisfying a client’s needs, it develops mobile applications, online stores with modern and highly tested tools in search of solutions focused on e-commerce.

“Similarly, it performs the design of the system identity, user interfaces, and the definition of interactions, as well as the development of design and prototype documents.

“Another of Dofleini’s main services is the maintenance, support, and optimization of websites, software applications, and infrastructures. It develops web applications that meet international quality standards, performance, and security parameters. In addition to evaluating the quality attributes of software by applying different types of tests”.

DFL Ecommerce (software)
DFL Ecommerce

After publishing a note on FELTi 2021, in which it made reference to our company project, the Cuban News Agency made a more in-depth report on the initiatives and potential of Dofleini Software.

In the published text, ACN refers that “Carlos Miguel Pérez Reyes, leader of the venture, emphasized, exclusively to the Cuban News Agency, the importance of creating products and services based on research and innovation, elements that the initiative created in 2016 defines as a priority.

“The group, he explained, dedicates up to 40% of its profits to innovation through Dofleini Labs, a tool that grants its workers the possibility of presenting entrepreneurship ideas and making use of the strength, capital, and logistics necessary to carry them out.

“It also invests in the training of workers with a method of teaching English that is inserted in the daily activity, along with the realization of open workshops and weekly presentations of the results obtained.”

In its report, ACN added that “at present, this group of professionals is working on more than 20 projects with state entities that include the Cuban Telecommunications Company (Etecsa), the Ministry of Economy and Planning, Aguas de La Habana, the National Center for Sex Education (Cenesex), Editora Abril and the record company Egrem.

“Pérez Reyes reported that among its prioritized works is the development of the Economic Actors Platform, which will be the technological basis for the management of the application process and creation of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), as well as non-agricultural cooperatives.”

FELTi 2021 was a propitious space to get closer to the latest technological developments in Cuba, to interact with other specialists in the sector, and to present the experiences of the Dofleini team. It also gave us the opportunity to attract national media, which is essential to broaden our horizons.

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